Almond Drive: Your Safe and Secure Urban Oasis

by PrimaryHomes

Mar 25, 2022

The kind of home you choose affects almost every aspect of your life, especially nowadays. 

It can expand (or limit) job options, make work commute easier (or more difficult), promote (or hinder) a productive work-from-home or learning-from-home arrangement, and more. More than that, safety and security become the top priority when weighing all possible options. No wonder everyone takes time searching for the best home. 

If you’re the latter that values safety the most, then your search can get a lot less overwhelming when you start with condo developments that cater to all of that. 

Almond Drive Talisay is a condo in Cebu with safety and security features and promotes relaxation and work-life balance with its well-thought-out development features. By choosing this residential project, you’ll be able to experience modern living benefits and tick off all the important considerations when choosing a living space.

Is condo living safe?

Among the biggest considerations when choosing a home are safety and security. This feature is especially important as one of the tips for living alone includes choosing a place that protects and values your well-being.

You can and should feel safe in your own home and community. As you go from one open house to another, take into account these factors below to make sure that the home you pick will suit your priorities:

An exclusive community designed to help you live your best life

The first big consideration when choosing a home is the exclusivity of your community. Ideally, your neighborhood should make you feel secure enough to easily de-stress and do the things you love.

Since Almond Drive Talisay is a project of Primary Homes, one of the most reliable Cebu real estate developers, you can rest assured that this property has physical, technological, and manpower security of the neighborhood. 

It’s surrounded by a perimeter fence, keeping unauthorized individuals out of the Cebu condo’s premises. There are CCTV cameras in strategic places, preventing crimes and monitoring activities. Finally, the entrance and exits to the neighborhood have stationed guards to secure everyone entering the community.

With all of those features, you can do your favorite fitness routines at the gym after your work shift, swim freely without fear or worry about your safety, and peacefully meditate about life at the open courtyards and manicured gardens. When extended family visits, have a small gathering in the clubhouse and have fun at the pool and playground. 

The bottom line is that your neighborhood should have leisure spaces that will let you engage in different kinds of hobbies. Look for developers in Cebu that prioritize recreation in their residential projects.

A peaceful living space you truly deserve

The next factor in an ideal home is that it should give you the utmost privacy. This is important as this gives you the freedom and space to be yourself and do whatever you want without judgment and discrimination.

With your own space, you don’t have to deal with disturbances, such as noises or fights. You can have sound sleep at night and wake up in a bright environment. In terms of working from home or coming home from a stressful day at the office, best be sure that the neighborhood is peaceful and that you can relax all you want. ​​

Almond Drive used a courtyard, low-density design in the community, which promotes unconfined urban living. Keep the unwanted noise out, and enjoy the sonic ambiance that feels like home.

Built with your comfort and security in mind

What’s more, the neighborhood is by an ISO-certified property management company that strives to maintain peace and order in the residence with a 24/7 guard protecting the premises.

Being ISO certified means that Almond Drive and PrimaryHomes the company has embedded only the utmost quality in its business and services to provide world-class services that ensure quality, safety, and efficiency throughout the community whether for residents or even just visitors.

For the latter, PrimaryHomes have strict rules and regulations implemented for the safety and comfort of everyone in the community. One of the necessary regulations such as:

  • Unit owners and tenants are encouraged to inform our entrance guard ahead of time with their complete name;
  • Verifying their identity by checking their ID Card; and,
  • For unexpected guests, entrance guards will be contacting the unit owners/tenants before allowing them to enter while also recording their names in the logbook at the guardhouse. 

Almond Drive and PrimaryHomes religiously abide by the rules and regulations for the common good of all the residents in the community. There are also precautionary safety measures such as guards roving from time to time to check on any dangerous or suspicious activities. 

The entry of visitors and guests is controlled to continuously maintain a safe space, including the vehicles of guests. This leads to our last factor: parking.

Exclusive Parking for every homeowner

This is one factor often overlooked by most property seekers. But if you’re a professional who drives to the office every day, then a secure space for your vehicle should be among your top considerations for choosing a property development. 

In most condos, parking spaces aren’t included in the unit you’re purchasing. But in Almond Drive Talisay, the smartly-designed condo units are inclusive of parking. These are exclusive parking spaces available for all condo owners. They’re located under each building, so there’s no need for communal parking space. If you’re getting a studio unit, you can have a slot for your motorcycle.

Don’t make parking spaces an afterthought in your homebuying decisions. Otherwise, you may end up walking long distances for parking and even risk your car’s integrity every time you decide to go out.

Almond Drive — The Space You Deserve

A property development close to transportation networks and essential establishments yields high returns on investment as it increases in value over time. You can rest assured that the asset you’ve worked so hard for will grow in value and may be used for profit. For one, you can turn it into one of your rentals in Cebu, Philippines.

Plus, with a small home, you can easily reduce expenses on cleaning, maintenance, and utilities. In other words, affordability extends from the purchase to actual ownership. 

When scouting for your future residence, remember that the right neighborhood is the one that has all the amenities that can help you live a well-rounded lifestyle. It also gives you peace of mind, knowing that you’re safe from harm.

If you’re interested in Almond Drive Talisay, book a property tour appointment now.


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