PrimaryHomes, Inc.: Your Reliable Partner in Real Estate Investing

by Silingan

Oct 24, 2022

Real estate investments are sure to give good returns, especially if you choose a trusted and reputable developer with proven integrity and a track record. It’s a huge plus if this developer guides you in your entire home-buying journey, too!

Both horizontal and vertical developments only appreciate in value over time, especially those in strategic locations - near central business firms or major road networks. These Philippines real estate investments are sure to increase in value as the area around them evolves and becomes more developed. This is one of the main reasons why real estate is a good investment, both for personal use and as a source of passive income. 

With real estate, not only do you invest for yourself, but for your children and loved ones as well! It has been proven that real estate investments - especially those developed by established names in the industry - stand the test of time.

This is why it is important to invest in a real estate partner you can trust. PrimaryHomes is your reliable real estate partner, guided by exhibiting premier quality, being a trusted brand, and continuing to be customer driven.

Premier Quality

PrimaryHomes’ properties are guaranteed top-notch quality, given its proven expertise as a real estate developer. 

  • Pioneer in large-scale vertical and horizontal development

PrimaryHomes started as a developer in Cebu, and has grown to establish itself as a top provider of real estate investments in the Visayas region particularly in Bohol and Negros. 

It started making waves in the real estate market in 1992 with a 400-unit mid-market subdivision, Villa del Rio I. Merely five years later, Metropolitan Cebu welcomed the East Aurora Tower, PrimaryHomes’ first venture in the vertical development scene. These two real estate properties paved the way for PrimaryHomes to establish a reputation for its expertise in the real estate market.

Thriving amidst the test of time, PrimaryHomes has also adapted to society’s needs and preferences as it embarked on economic socialized housing development with a five-hectare subdivision in Cebu, Garden Bloom Villas.

To date, PrimaryHomes has built 10,000 Horizontal Units, 3,000 Vertical Developments, and 1,000 Walk-up Units. 

As a pioneer for Cebu real estate investors, PrimaryHomes has been successful in building its reputation in the real estate industry as proven by three decades of quality large-scale vertical and horizontal developments across the Visayas region.

  • Experts in the industry  

The quality of every PrimaryHomes development is a result of the synergy it maintains through collaboration with top names in the industry

From the architectural designs and construction process, PrimaryHomes already ensures that each development is thoroughly studied through a collaborative effort with Primary Structures Corporation (PSC). 

Combining sustainability with modern technology, PSC uses LightStrong as the main material in constructing quality structures. Given the extreme calamities that the country had been facing in recent years, LightStrong materials are designed to withstand extreme winds, rains, and earthquakes. Like the property itself, these materials are also good investments in their own right. 

The home buyer's journey of PrimaryHomes partners doesn’t end with the turnover of their properties. Through the Primary Group of Builders (PGB) conglomerate, affiliate companies still offer assistance when it comes to health and lifestyle, logistics, education, and human resources. This is especially helpful when it comes to extending a helping hand during times of calamities. 

  • Consistent construction quality

Real estate investments are not just for yourself, they will be passed down to generations, especially if they have high quality like that of PrimaryHomes’. 


Photo courtesy of Anamul Rezwan via Pexels

In addition to collaboration with (PSC) for LightStrong materials, PrimaryHomes also collaborates with other manufacturing companies for superior quality products and materials. Providing their expertise and support in building sustainable and eco-friendly structures are AAC Lightweight Block Corporation (ABC) and Concrete Solutions Inc. (CSI), both of which are part of the PGB synergy. 

ABC is in charge of ensuring that construction solutions are long-lasting, sturdy, and highly efficient. This is complemented by CSI’s modern techniques and laboratories that produce ready-mix concrete in fully-computerized batching plants. Together, they are proof of why real estate is a good investment, especially for PrimaryHomes.

Another key to the PrimaryHomes legacy is consistency. All construction materials are checked and inspected for the highest quality, may these materials be for posts, roofs, or even pipes. All these are given equal importance to provide a secure and pleasant home for PrimaryHomes homeowners.

  • High investment returns 

PrimaryHomes takes pride in providing master-planned communities for a wide range of market demographics who have different types of dream homes. With the developers putting themselves in the shoes of their clients, these communities are responsibly managed to be more appealing to investors, resulting in a high appraisal value for the real estate investment.

Every development undergoes a detailed survey of the area’s environment and experiences. This way, every property will suit the lifestyle and personality of future real estate investors without sacrificing their safety in the area. The location, culture, and aesthetics of these real estate properties complement each other to maximize the holistic experience of living in a PrimaryHomes development. 

These properties’ unique personalities and selling propositions develop a sense of community that is undeniably helpful as homeowners live their everyday lives. This becomes more evident during calamities and typhoons when this sense of community transforms into companionship and camaraderie. 

Trusted Brand 

PrimaryHomes has built homes and real estate properties—but they weren’t built just for show. As a company in the business for over 30 years, they’re only committed to timely service, growth, and development, and this reflects not just in words, but actions. 

  • Proven track record

As of 2022, PrimaryHomes has successfully turned over more than 10,000 units to satisfied clients, including 48 thriving subdivisions and condominiums in the Visayas. Part of their portfolio includes RFO projects like the Avalon in Ayala Business Park, Brentwood in Lapu-Lapu City, and many more high-end properties. 


Photo courtesy of PrimaryHomes

Outside Cebu, PrimaryHomes was able to expand its selection of affordable yet world-class residences with the Royal Palm series. These investments are known for their contemporary-resort ambiance that houses a master-planned community perfect for Bohol’s tourists and locals alike. 

  • Multi-awarded condo and housing projects 

From these numbers came countless awarded projects in both condo and housing ventures. In 2018, received the Primary Almond Drive for Best Condo Development in the Cebu region. They have also won the Gold for Innovation in Business Information or Application Websites, awarded by Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards just this year. 

In 2022, PrimaryHomes was recognized as the Most Reliable Developer in the Visayas, a momentous triumph after facing 28 other nations. 

Although armed with awards, PrimaryHomes is committed to doing only better, especially now that real estate investments face shifts and changes towards a more digitally-savvy space. Innovation remains at the forefront, further solidifying its image as a reliable partner for all stakeholders.

  • Recommended by real estate sales professionals

In the digital world, reviews, recommendations, and word-of-mouth spread like wildfire and in many cases, prove to be more trustworthy. As a premier real estate company, Primary Homes recognizes the value relationships offer—not just with clients, but with real estate investors they believe continue to make strides in the industry. 

  • On-time delivery

All these are made possible by value-driven strategies, which include on-time delivery, integrity, and of course, social responsibility. With careful and strategic planning, PrimaryHomes reassures customers that they never miss a deadline. 

Ongoing projects come with timely updates, and any unforeseen circumstances that lead to delays are dealt with accordingly. As a trusted brand in the real estate industry, you can rest easy knowing your investment is in good hands. 


In PrimaryHomes, you remain the priority in every step of your home-buying journey. A fully-integrated service is available for you - from finding a home or condominium that will fit your lifestyle all the way to maintaining your unit after you move in.

  • Fully-integrated service

You can choose from a wide variety of architectural designs that are specifically curated for different lifestyles. Whether you are a student, a starting professional, or a member of a small family, PrimaryHomes has real estate properties for you! You wouldn’t even have to worry about the process, as a sales representative can fully assist you from online reservation, to moving in, and even with maintaining your unit.

  • Easy home buying process 

PrimaryHomes understand your preferences, even when it comes to financing options! Down payment terms are also extended for their newly-announced projects. Regardless of what channel you choose, you have a guaranteed partner every step of the way. 

  • In-house financing: Loan terms for five to ten years
  • Bank financing: Loan terms for up to 15 years
  • PAG-IBIG financing: Funding can be up to 30 years
  • Leasehold Option: Exclusively for foreigners, funding of up to 25 years, and renewable for another 25 years

Even for your preferred payment option, PrimaryHomes has got you covered! You can choose among the following choices:

  • BDO Bills Payment
  • Paymaya
  • Link Referencing through Debit/Credit Card
  • Holistic product design and development 

Investing in a PrimaryHomes property also means having world-class amenities as extensions of your investment. These are perfect for family bonding, hanging out with friends, or just looking after your personal wellness. 

After a tiring day, have a well-deserved rest in the gardens or keep the adrenaline rushing at the fitness gym or jogging path. You can also opt to have a hearty email through the available grilling stations. All these are accessible through the elevators present in all developments. 

A safe and secure community is indeed waiting for you when you invest in this real estate investment. These communities are assured to be taken care of even after the turnover. Add these to the strategic location of all their properties, and you got yourself a premier investment!

A lifestyle upgrade awaits you

Excited to experience a lifestyle upgrade through a real estate investment? Invest in PrimaryHomes now! Their portfolio includes both horizontal and vertical developments across the entire Visayas region that will give you the lifestyle you deserve while bringing you closer to people and places that matter. 

Buying your new house and lot or condominium is now made easier. Visit the PrimaryHomes website to schedule a tour of your desired property! Don’t hesitate to send a message to make a reservation and a sales partner will surely get in touch to guide you in your next steps in turning your dream home into reality!


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